Recommended Reading Online

Here is a list of articles and websites that explain the concepts I frequently discuss:

Essays by Tim Wise

Getting What We Deserve? Wealth, Race and Entitlement in America

The Unwanted Labour Of Social Media: Women Of Colour Call Out Culture As Venture Community Management by Lisa Nakamura

Ten Ways White People Can Stop Annoying People Of Color On Social Media

Explaining White Privilege To A Broke White Person

Fragile Male Egos Are Not Only Unattractive, They’re Dangerous


How To Explain White Privilege Exists: 7 Common Arguments, Debunked

The Case for Reparations

The School-to-Prison Pipeline Is Institutional Racism

Accomplices Not Allies: Abolishing The Ally Industrial Complex

America’s Cult of Ignorance

White Women, Please Don’t Expect Me to Wipe Away Your Tears

The Personal Is Political

Derailing For Dummies :A Guide to Derailing Conversations

What the Confederate flag really means to America today, according to a race historian

These books are primers and should be required reading for anyone that aspires to practice allyship or fight for justice and equality:

The Shock Doctrine -Naomi Klein (Book)

rEVOLution- Russell Brand (Book)

The People’s History of the United States -Howard Zinn (Book)

The New Jim Crow-Michelle Alexander (Book)

Hidden Figures-Margot Lee Shetterly (Book)

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